Friday, May 7, 2010


There was some controversy in last week's Bandits-Rock game. Blaine Manning and Steve Hoar went down with injuries late in the fourth quater, but came right back out before an offical stoppage of play. Here is the rule:
INJURED PLAYER DEFINITION – An injured player shall be defined as a player hurt requiring the official to stop play. The injured player may not return to the floor until the next non technical stoppage of play. Violation will result in a bench minor penalty

When Hoar came back onto the field, it was after the 30 second shot clock violation. Is that an offical stoppage of play? The refs thought so, and Hoar was able to come back out.
In Manning's case, he was hurt on a cross-check penalty. He needed the help of an athletic trainor to get off the field, but was back 28 seconds later to assist on Stephen LeBlanc's game winning goal.

You make the call.

Other news: Tomorrow the divison finals games between the Rock and Titans, and Rush and Stealth will air on You can follow and chat about the games here.

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