Friday, June 4, 2010

Prospect Preview: Max Quinzani

After the NCAA Championships, it's only fitting I do a prospect preview for the national champions. Max Quinzani is a senior on Duke who will no doubt be drafted by an NLL team. He is expected to be a second round pick, and may be picked by an MLL team this Sunday as well.

Quinzani is a two-time all American at Duke, and now a national champion. He has worked well with linemate Ned Crotty, also expected to be drafted. Quinzani is from Duxbary Massachussets, and got his lacrosse career starting there.

Quinzani recently did an interview with Quinzani was the captain of the Blue Devils in the 2010 season. He made second team all NCAA in the 2009 season. Only 5'8 and 170 pounds, he is not the most physical player, but he works harder than anyone on the field.

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