Friday, July 30, 2010

Disscusion Topic: Casey Powell

With the much documented dispersal of the Orlando Titans, I questioned the future of Casey Powell a few days ago. But let's go deeper into this; With the upcoming dispersal draft, it has been widely assumed the Colorado Mammoth, with the worst record in the NLL the year prior, would select Powell. However, now reports are saying they might select Matt Vinc to sure up their goaltending woes. That leaves Powell wide open for the Blazers to select him, which could make them a very dangerous team. This theory goes out the door, however, if Vinc elects to terminate his contract after the Mammoth select him.
But the real question for me here is Powell's future in the NLL. He has sat out the MLL season and Team USA this summer. He won MVP of the NLL with the best record in the east Titans.
Would Powell play in Colorado, or terminate his contract? Would he play in Boston? I think he would, because if Powell comes to Boston, that team can be scary.

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