Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Iroquois Situation

I'm sure you are aware of the entire situation with the Iroquois Nationals right now. This site, along with many lacrosse media outlets, have covered it thoroughly. In case you don't know what's happening though, I'll explain.

The Iroquois Nationals represent their own nation in the FIL Championships. They are made up of Canadians and Americans, and live in those countries, but are of Iroquois descent. The Iroquois have used their own passports to travel around the world for some twenty years, but as they began to board for their trip to England, but the USA said they cannot re-enter the country with those passports. Later, USA decided to give the Iroquois clearance with their passports, and they just waited for Canadian and British response. But the British told them to get US or Canadian passports to enter the country. The Iroquois refuse to use any other passports but their own, and were forced to forfeit their game vs England which would have taken place today.
Today, however, the Iroquois were removed from the elite Blue Division and Germany was promoted, making the Germany-England exhibition today a real Blue Division game. The Iroquois were moved to the Plum Division. Stay tuned to the Lacrosse Blog the whole tournament for updates on this situation and the rest of the games.

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