Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Iroquois Turned Away, Have One More Chance

BREAKING: Iroquois Nationals told "Go get USA or Canadian passports" by British, and it is very unlikely they will be able to play in the World Championships in England, The UK issued a statement, saying, ”Like all those seeking entry into the U.K., they must present a document that we recognise as valid to enable us to complete our immigration and other checks.”

1:30 AM Update: The Iroquois may still play in the tournament, but have been forced to forefit their game vs England. England will recive maximum points in the standings, and will play an exibtion vs Germany in place of Iroquois, which will have no baring on the standings.

The Iroquois Nationals were denied again entry into Manchester England. They have one more shot today, at 4pm. If they do not make that, then they will not make it on time for their first game.
The issue is the Iroquois passports. The British Consulate said they would not let the Iroquois Nationals into the United Kingdom unless the United States will allow them back in. The U.S. has offered the Iroquois the option of expediting American passports, but the Nationals want to travel on their own Haudenosaunee documentation, for they have traveled internationally with them for 20 years.
“The team’s looking good,” said Iroquois Nationals GM Ansley Jemison. “We’re starting to come together as a team. This has been a blessing in disguise; it’s really drawn the team together. I’m pleased with the way the team looks right now.”

Update: The USA has cleared the Iroquois Nationals and they are good to go to Manchester, England to play tomorrow. The team is now awaiting clearance from the Canadian government for the players from Canada, as well as the British visas, but things look good.

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