Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Team Canada Reveals Roster

The first thing you notice is that Chris Sanderson is on the roster. Sanderson underwent surgery for a brain tumor in 2008. Good to see a speedy recovery.
Team Canada has a terrific roster this year. It is expected that they will be the favorites.

Garrett Billings, Langley, B.C.
John Grant, Peterborough, Ont.
Zack Greer, Whitby, Ont.
Kevin Huntley, Baltimore, Md.
Corey Small, St. Catharines, Ont.

Kevin Crowley, New Westminster, B.C.
Dan Dawson, Oakville, Ont.
Rhys Duch, Victoria
Jordan Hall, Surrey, B.C.
Ryan McClelland, Brampton, Ont.
Billy Dee Smith, St. Catharines
Geoff Snider, Calgary
Mark Steenhuis, St. Catharines
Shawn Williams, Oshawa, Ont.

Mac Allen, Toronto
Curtis Manning, Surrey, B.C.
Brodie Merrill, Orangeville, Ont.
Patrick Merrill, Orangeville
Phil Sanderson, Orangeville
Jon Sullivan, St. Catharines
Matt Vinc, St. Catharines.

Angus Dineley, Toronto
Evan Kirk, Kitchener, Ont.
Chris Sanderson, Orangeville

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