Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Titans confirm Hiatus, Mammoth hint at selecting Vinc?

The Orlando Titans have confirmed their hiatus from the NLL, while Pat Merril and Pat Maddalena were given their rights to free agency.
Meanwhile, the dispersal draft is expected to be held later this week, with the Colorado Mammoth holding the first pick. We all know they need goaltending, and the Mammoth all but confirmed they will select 2010 goalie of the year Matt Vinc.
“We have certain needs that we are going to address,” Govett said on the team’s web site. “[Orlando goalie] Matt Vinc is arguably the best goalie in the league and that could be an answer for us for years to come. They also have Casey Powell, who is an all-time great player; a future Hall of Famer. Then there is Jordan Hall, who is probably the best offensive transition player in the league. There are three options there where we just couldn’t go wrong.”

If they do select Vinc, that leaves Casey Powell wide open for the Boston Blazers who continue to luck out on dispersal drafts. Two years ago they drafted Dan Dawson and Anthony Cosmo from Arizona and Chicago respectively.
If the Mammoth were to change their mind and select Powell, the Blazers would likely select Jordon Hall, as they do not need goaltending.
Mock draft:

Mammoth: Matt Vinc
Blazers: Casey Powell
Knighthawks: Jordon Hall
Swarm: Ryan Boyle
Wings: John Orson
Bandits: Dan Hardy
Rush: Rory Smith
Roughnecks: Matt Zash
Rock: Stephen Peyser
Stealth: Jarret Park

That is subject top change, obviously. Let's look into this a bit deeper;
If the Blazers were to draft Powell, they would be a force to reckon with in the East Division. Imagine a team with Dawson and Powell? This team would be a goal scoring machine.
If the Mammoth were to get Vinc, as we think, they might turn into contenders in the West. Remember they got hot at the end of last year as well.

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