Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NLL Mock Draft

Tonight is the NLL draft, and The Lacrosse Blog has you covered. Tonight we will hold an open thread for the draft, but riht now here is what you will want to expect.

Knigthawks- Cody Jaimeson, Syracuse
Blazers- Kyle Rubisch, Downing College
Roughnecks- Curtis Dickson, Delaware
Swarm- Derek Hopcraft, Bellarmine University
Knighthawks- Andrew Suiter, RIT
Blazers- Ryan McClelland, Colgate
Roughnecks- Travi Irving, BCJALL
Bandits- Ben McCullogh,
Knighthawks- Holden Vyse

Other players taken in the first Round could be Jarret Davis, Dan McRae, and Glen Bryan.
The draft can be seen at tonight at 6pm.

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