Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NLL Celebrates 25 years

(Photo Credit: NLL Insider)

The NLL will celebrate their 25th season starting in January, and have made this spacial logo to celebrate it.
It is a special thing to last for 25 years. Other than the four major sports, not many leagues have lasted more than 20 years. The old UFL, the old UHL, the leagues who have always foolishly tried to compete with the major leagues. Maybe that is why the NLL has lasted so long, because it does not have to compete with anyone, and stands alone.
When the NLL began in 1987, not many people outside of Canada knew what box lacrosse was. Since the leagues began, more and more American players were drafted, showing the league's success in the states.
The only orig anal teams left from that first season are the Philadelphia Wings, and the Baltimore Thunder, which are now the Colorado Mammoth. The other two teams, the New Jersey Saints and Washington Wave both folded.
That year, with only four teams and a schedule of six games, the Wings beat the Thunder for the first ever NLL championship.
This year ten teams are playing a sixteen game schedule, in cities all over, like Boston, Calgary, Buffalo, and Minnesota. The NLL's ratings on the NLL Network online have gone up 20% in the last year, and the championship game in Everret, Washington, sold out the entire crowd. The NLL has grown in a lot of ways the past 25 years.
Happy Anniversary to the National Lacrosse League!

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