Monday, November 15, 2010

Games of the year #7- Syracuse vs Cornell

Now as we get into our top seven, we have a lot of college games here. We start off with a nail biter between Syracuse and Cornell. This game comes down to the final second, as the #2 team in the nation holds on....

This game ended wild, but started off like any other game, when Syracuse's Max Bartig scored on the first shot of the game with 10:27 left in the first quarter. Most of the period were long possessions by each team, with niether really able to get much done. Finally a tally was put up for Cornell with Ryan Hurley's goal at 4:36
left going into the second.
Senior Chris Daniello scored to lead of the second for Syracuse, but the Big Red of Cornell were able to bounce back with goals from Roy Lang and David Lau. The rest of the period carryed on like the first, with both goalies having good games to that point. The quarter ended the same, and Syracuse faced their third halftime deficit of the season.
The tempo of the game finally got going in the third, but with not many goals still. Cody Jaimeson was able to get two back for Syracuse, including an impressive rebound goal off Tim Desko with 3:41 in the quarter.
Cornell was able to bury two goals, however, to make the game 6-4 in the favor of the Big Red with 10:55 left in the game. Cornell and Syracuse were able to exchange goals later in the period, but then Syracuse tied it late with goals from Tim Desko and Jovan Miller.
As the clock ticked down to 30 seconds, John Lade forced a turnover for Syracuse to get the final possession of the game. Surprisingly, head coach John Desko did not call a timeout as his team raced to the box to get off the final shot. Jaimeson got the ball with seconds ticking off, and fired to be saved by goaltender AJ Fiore. But Chris Daniello was able to pick up the rebound and score with 0:01 left on the clock.
Game Notes:
Syracuse had come back down three goals late, simaler to their championship in 2008 over Cornell. Junior goaltender John Galloway of Syracuse was a career 40-5 after that game. Syracuse outshot Cornell 40-20. Jaimeson and Daniello were the only multi-point scorers for Syracuse. Syracuse extended it's winning streak to seven games.

Media Coverage:
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