Thursday, November 4, 2010

NLL Defensive Preview

In the month of October we previewed some of the goal scorers of the NLL. We looked at who would lead, be in last, and score the most. But offense is not the only part of lacrosse. No, you also need a good defense...

NLL Preview- DefenseThese days, lacrosse is more of a game of scoring goals. I mean, the name of the game is scoring more goals than the other team. But you need something else. You need a good defense to stop other teams from scoring. You need to play physical, pick up loose balls, and do not allow top offensive players to penetrate. So, who is the best defensive player in lacrosse? Who has the best defensive team?

Who will lead? In NLL history, the best to play the game of defense is Brodie Merrill of the Edmonton Rush. He was second in the league in loose balls, behind only Geoff Snider. Now, Merrill is not a defenseman, but that does not automatically disqualify you. Merrill is a transition player, allowing him to play defense and offense.
Last year in loose balls, the top three were Snider, Merrill and Steve Toll. Those three will probably continue similar numbers, as three of the best defenders in the game.

Best defensive team? Well having Merrill automatically makes you one of the best, so let's but Edmonton up there. Boston has a good chance to be a good defensive team, even after losing Paul Dawson. They acquired John Orsen, Scott Campbell, and are hoping Kyle Rubisch signs with them soon.

Lead the league? Who will lead the league in loose balls? That is the stat I am going to use here, as there are no real defensive stats to defy a player. As I said above, Snider and Merrill are almost sure bets, and I am also going to drop in Orsen.

Top 5?
Top five defensive players in the game: Brodie Merrill, Geoff Snider, Steve Toll, Eric Martin, Greg Peyser. After Merrill and Snider it's a toss up. If you have any ideas of who you would like to see there, tell me in the comments.

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