Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2010 NLL Draft Order

Here is the order for this year's NLL Draft:

1. Rochester
2. Boston
3, Boston
4. Minnesota
5. Rochester
6. Calgary
7. Calgary
8. Calgary
9. Orlando
10. Buffalo
11. Rochester

Second Round
1. Colorado
2. Rochester
3. Minnesota
4. Boston
5. Buffalo
6. Toronto
7. Colorado
8. Minnesota
9. Philadelphia
10. Philadelphia
11. Buffalo

Cody Jaimeson will far and away be the #1 pick by Rochester. I'll have some prospects previews up all summer.


  1. I kind of wish there was still an NLL team in Ottawa. I worked at the games so I didn't get to see many of them, but it was pretty neat. Too bad it didn't work out.

    Look forward to seeing the prospect previews in the summer.

  2. Yeah, It would be cool to have a team in Ottawa again. The franchise did pretty well as the Edmonton Rush, making the playoffs this season.
    I hope to have some prospect previews up withen the week.