Thursday, May 20, 2010

Prospect Previews: Cody Jaimeson

We all know the Rochester Knighthawks will use their first round pick on Syracuse star Cody Jaimeson. But why, and what exactly is his potential? I'm here to tell you.

Jaimeson won a national championship with Syracuse in 2009, but he also plays Major Series Lacrosse. Now what is that? It is a box lacrosse league with six teams, and they play the winner of the Western lacrosse Association for the championship every year.

Jaimeson played for the Onondaga Community College Lazers in his first year, leading them to an undefeated season and a national championship. He transferred to Syracuse in 2008. He was expected to enter the draft last year but did not. He was linked to the Knighthawks even back then, and with the 'Hawks holding possession of the #1 pick, (Thanks to a trade with Colorado) it looks like Jaimeson will be a K'Hawk.

Jaimeson was rookie of the year and MVP in his first year in the MSL, which was 2008. He easily lead the league in scoring with 96 points, and is considered the best #1 pick since Brodie Merril in 2005. Another reason that Jaimeson has been connected with the Knighthawks is Gary Gait, a Knighthawks player who won a championship at Syracuse and won MVP and ROY in his first year of the MSL.

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