Friday, July 23, 2010

Lizards win, USA to face Canada

In a return to Major League Lacrosse after a week off, the Long Island Lizards defeated the Chesapeake Bayhawks 14-11. The Lizards would be without Zack Greer, Matt Zash, and Stepehn Peyser, while the 'Hawks would be without Alex Smith, Kyle Dixon, Shawn Nadelen, and Joe Cinosky because of the FIL.
Speaking of that, here are your current standings thanks to the placement games yesterday:
28th: Argentina
27th: France
26th: Denmark
25th: Korea
24th: Norway
23rd: Switzerland:
There will be more games later today to decide the placements:
21st: Hon Kong vs Austria
19th: Spain vs New Zealand
17th: Latvia vs Italy
15th: Slovakia vs Bermuda
13th: Czech vs Poland
11th: Ireland vs Sweden
9th: Wales vs Finland
7th: Netherlands vs Scotland.

The 5th place game between England and Germany will take place Saturday along with Japan and Australia for the third place. USA will take on Canada for the championship.

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