Thursday, July 22, 2010

Orlando Titans Future Still Up in the Air.

I never thought it was a good idea having an NLL team in Florida. There should be be a team in Vancouver or Ottawa still.
Anyways, the Orlando Titan's future is up in the air after finishing the season with the best record in the east. The reason for this is that the Titans owner Gary Rosenbach is decreasing his interest in the team after moving it from New York. The Titans have a deadline of August 1st to decide what they are going to do, but sources say that the team is optimistic they will stay in Orlando and play the 2011 season.
A sign, though, that the team may fold is the decrease of roster movement this off-season in the NLL. That may show that teams are expected a dispersal draft.
I also wonder what this means for Casey Powell's future. He skipped this year's MLL season and the FIL. I wonder what his NLL future holds if the Titans fold?


  1. Hey. Just checking you out from your fans at Halos Heaven. Keep up the good work! Don't forget to come on by and visit any time!

  2. Hi there! Don't worry, I'll be there this week a few times!
    Thanks for checking this out!

  3. Any more news yet on the Titans? I can't seem to find anything.

  4. I haven't seen anything yet Chris. We should know more soon. As soon as anything with them comes up, it will be posted here.
    I can tell you one thing: If the Titans were to cease to exist, they would fold, not move. Commisioner Gross has already said there will be no movement in the NLL this season.

  5. It's official, Titan fold

  6. Dispersal Draft is set for this Friday

  7. Thanks or the news.
    Post for this is in the front page.