Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Titans to Fold

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It's always a sad day when a franchise folds, but it's hard to say I didn't expect it. Today the Orlando Titans folded. I am not surprised because I attended an Orlando Titans playoff game this season only to a crowd of 4,000 maybe. Right then I knew the NLL would not survive in Florida.
It is unclear whether it is a full fold for the Titans, or if they are just going to sit out the season. It is known, however, that the Titans will hold a dispersal draft Friday, with Casey Powell likely to be selected by the Colorado Mammoth or Philadelphia Wings.
Players such as Jordon Hall, Pat Merrill, Rory Smith, and Pat Maddalena are looking to terminate their contracts with the Titans franchise.
There has been speculation of the Titans franchise stability all week now, and we finally know.


  1. I disagree with your negative comments Blogger - the NLL can't survive in FLA? And you know this how? Casey Powell alone has made a significant impact on Florida Lacrosse in a short period of time. The Titans were miserably marketed inside the lacrosse community. They were not marketed outside of the lacrosse community. I was somewhat on the inside of the folding. For $400K-$500K a group could have assumed majority ownership and marketed a team with an MVP,a new arena,in the fastest growing sport. The President of the Titans ran it into the ground with the goal of "losing less money" as opposed to growing the sport, the franchise, and linking it to the local community. The fighting and loud music in the NLL is a bit hokey - the league has their own "product" issues as well. Try explaining to your youth players why kicking the shit out of each other is OK...

  2. You make good points there.
    I never felt like lacrosse was a good idea in Florida, simaler to hockey. It's a Canadian sport. It can survive in places of interest like Boston or Colorado, but not Florida.
    I went to games there, and they did not sell well at all, that's all I was saying.
    You do make good points, again. The team could have survived, but maybe outside of Florida.