Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dawson almost a Rock, Breaking News in the NLL

Restricted FA Paul Dawson of the Boston Blazers has signed an offer sheet from the Toronto Rock that will make him one of the highest paid defenseman in the game. The Blazers have a 72 hour window to match the offer sheet, but have some tough decisions to make.
They just acquired Casey Powell, who has the highest salary in the league along with big money players Dan Dawson and Daryl Veltman.
Quote from NLL Agent Tony Gavin; “This is only the second time in my memory that a club (in this case Toronto) has gone after a Restricted Free Agent. Mike Law was signed to an offer sheet when he was an RFA several years back, but there has been a bit of a gentlemen’s agreement among GMs that you don’t go after other club’s Restricted Free Agents”, Glavin said. “It has served to keep the mid range salaried players remuneration down. This may mean that other GMs will be willing to tender offers to RFAs in the future which bodes well for the players.”

This could be good or bad for the NLL. It raise salaries significantly, which could be good or bad. Good for the players, obviously, but not for the owners. It could mean higher revenue, however, and possibly more interest in the league?
Stay tuned to The Lacrosse Blog for more info as it becomes available.

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