Monday, August 9, 2010

NLL News & Links

Busy day in the NLL, and we'll get you up to date on the Paul Dawson situation...

The Wings are a better team after the draft, Paul Tutka explains- NLL Insider

Swarm aquires enforcer O'Brien- NLL Insider

George Daniel does not like an agent's accusations- NLL Insider

About that last one... You read the words of Tony Gavin yesterday, and George Daniel disagrees; “The allegation that there was a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ among General Managers regarding the non-signing of free agents is complete fiction.

“If it seems that there was a scarcity in the number of offers in recent seasons, it is due to the marketplace demand for the talent available, not due to any implied or express agreements between the teams or General Managers.”

The situation is not yet resolved.

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