Thursday, October 7, 2010

Morning Blog Post

OK everyone, no Lax Links today because not much has changed since yesterday. But this is just a random post for today. I'll write a few lacrosse things on my mind and this can kinda be an open thread.

* Tracey Kelusky trade-- I kind of understand it, and I kind of don't. They already lost Josh Sanderson, but did pick up a good player in Daryl Veltman. They traded Dawson, but picked up Snider. I thought the Roughnecks would be one of the better teams in the NLL this season, but now I don't know what direction they are going in. I wonder if this trade has anything to do with the concussion he sustained midseason?

* The Boston Blazers are going to be awesome this year. I keep saying it, but I really believe it. I thought the Blazers could have a real good season last season, but when teams zoned in on Dan Dawson there were not many other players who could score. Yeah, they had Veltman and Mat Giles, but they could not produce when Dawson was covered haevily.
But this year with Sanderson and Powell, they will be a scoring machine. They still have Anthony Cosmo in net, and their defense is improved by acquring John Orsen and Scott Capmpbell. So I'm going to throw this out there now; My pick to win the NLL Championship is Boston.

So, Open thread for the day, I'll report any news here if something worth writing about comes about.


  1. If you want to know why the Tracey Kelusky trdae was made, you can find it here

  2. I understand it has a lot to do with the salary cap, but I just thought the Roughnecks would really contend this year and I'm not so sure any more.