Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reaction to Matt Vinc trade

The Matt Vinc trade sure was interesting. Colorado trades their #1 overall pick when Casey Powell went right behind, that is what I don't get. Yeah, Vinc turned into John Grant and Mac Allen, but I mean, Casey Powell!
Colorado went and got Matt King from Calgary afterwords. There are rumors in Rochester that Vinc or Pat O'toole could be traded now, so keep an eye on those stories. Here is some reaction to yesterday.

Lacrosse Magazine talks about all the deals the Mammoth made yesterday.

Jody Gage says John Grant will always be a Knighthawk- NLLInsider

Grant happy to be in Denver- NLLInsider

What do fans think of this deal? talks about the blockbuster

Remember, tomorrow is the #14 game!

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