Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Game of the Year #12 Duke vs USA

This was probably one of the biggest upsets in the year of lacrosse. It was only an exibition for Duke, but it was an important tuneup for USA. So, what happened in our #12 game of the year?
In a game in Orlando, Florida, in January, was the biggest upset of the year in lacrosse. A game that could have set Team USA back.Duke had been down in the game by five goals and were able to come back. Max Quinzani had the game wining goal with 5.8seconds left.
Team USA jumped out to a 5-0 lead in the first quarter, with goals by Matt Streibal, Matt Zash, and Drew Westervelt. But Duke brought the heat in the second quarter, with Joh Offit scoring twice and a goal from Stephen Coyle.
Will McKee and Offit scored again, tying it quickly into the second. But USA settled down their defense in the third quarter, and took the lead 7-5 with goals from Westervelt and Paul Rabil. But USA go undisciplined, and took three penalties. Zach Howell scored two straight extra man goals to tie the game at seven a piece. Brandon Mundorf again put team USA up by one, but Duke would not stay down, with Robert Rotanz tying it.
USA had an extra man opportunity in their last possession, but Duke's defense was able to hold them without a goal. But after the opportunity with USA with the ball, Kyle Dixon dropped it and a scrum for the ball ensued. Long pole Parker McKee and also a member of team USA's forty man roster recovered the ball, and fed it to Quinzani for the game winner.

Drew Westervelt and Josh Offit each got hat tricks on the night. Offit was the MVP. Duke played a terrific defense all night, even without all-American players Mike Manley and CJ Costabile. Duke was also forced to use three goaltenders in the game. Devon Sherwood, a five year senior, starting the game, but briefly. He was quickly replaced by Mike Rock, who was later replaced by Drew Wigrizer. Their fourth goaltender, Sean Brady, was serving a suspension.

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The Lacrosse Blog did not cover this game, as it did not yet exist in January.

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