Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Player Preview: Matt Vinc

I was planing on Mark Steenhius this week but with all the commotion of the Vinc trade, I'm going to go with him this week. So, first let's take a look at his career.
Vinc played high school lacrosse with Billy Dee Smith and Craig Conn, and was the sixth overall pick in the 2005 draft by the San Jose Stealth. In 2006, Vinc played in only four games for the Stealth, with a 6.34 GAA.
In the 2006 New York Titans expansion draft, Vinc was selected. He became the starting goaltender in 2007.
In 2008, he put up a 11.35 GAA, his career high. In 2009, he led the Titans to 10-6, and a three way tie with Buffalo and Boston. The Titans, however, got first place due to tiebreakers.
In the eastern conference championship, Vinc held Buffalo to three goals, saving 41 of 44 shots to lead New York into the National Lacrosse League championship. New York went on to lose to the Calgary Roughnecks.
The next season to franchise moved to Orlando to become the Orlando Titans. Orlando made it to the eastern conference final, to lose to Toronto.
Vinc won goaltender of the year, and was selected by the Colorado Mammoth with the first overall pick in the dispersal.
Vinc was later traded to the Rochester Knighthawks for John Grant and Mac Allen. This trade did not make sense for some people, but Vinc is a teacher in Ontario, and did not want to play on the west coast.
However, you still wonder why Colorado selected him when Casey Powell was next.

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