Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NLL Goaltenders; The Best, The Worst, and Matt Vinc

The NLL has had some very good goaltenders over the years. Start with Dallas Eluik, who may be the best of all time. After that you look at Bob Watson, who is the current goaltender of the Toronto Rock. Currently, you would also talk about Anthony Cosmo, Matt Vinc, and Pat O'toole. But who is the best goaltender iin lacrosse? The worst? Who can lead his team to the Champions Cup?
#13 on our list of goaltenders is Andrew Leyshon of the Colorado Mammoth.Last in goals against average last season, he was the reason Colorado wanted Matt Vinc. In his career, he has a GAA of 13.05. Last season his mostly backed up Chris Levis, but he was not exactly a goaltender of the year either. He also previously backed up Curtis Palidwor, who returns to Colorado. Leyshon's future is unclear right now, with Palidwor returned and Matt King now on the Colorado roster. But one thing is for certain; He is not a starting goaltender.
#12 Mike Thompson of the Buffalo BanditsThompson came into the league in 2001 and then took a six year absence. In 2007, he returned to a 12.08 goals against average in all 16 games. In 2008 and 2009 he had some better seasons, and in 2010 he did a terrific job playing while Ken Montour was out. Unfortunately, that may be all that he is. A backup.
#11 Aaron Bold of the Rochester KnighthawksAaron Bold is probably the best backup goaltender in the league. Last season in Rochester, he had a 11.12 GAA in 16 games and 313 minutes. He had an offseason in 2009 with a GAA over 15, but he was also injured and played only seven games. In the years before that, he average a goals against average of under 11, with minutes around 145 per season.
#10 Matt King of the Colorado MammothKing played most of his career in Calgary before being traded to the Colorado Mammoth. He started off in Calgary, and then was traded to the Anaheim Storm. After they dispersed, King played backup goaltender for the Portland Lumberjaxx, backing up Aaron Bold and Dwight Maetche. In 2008, The Edmonton Rush acquired King to be their starting goaltender. But they traded him to Calgary late in the season. Since the move to Calgary, King has had GAA os 10.38 and 11.27. Now he looks to replace Vinc in Colorado.
#9 Nick Patterson of the Minnesota SwarmPatterson started his career with the Vancouver Ravens as a backup goaltender. He was traded to Minnesota in 2005, and had a GAA of 15.51. He was later made the Swarm's starting goaltender, where he put up better numbers to lower his career GAA to 12.90.
#8 Tyler Richards of the Washington StealthRichards was drafted in the fourth round of the 2007 NLL entry draft. He found himself in their in 2009 as a backup goaltender, where he had a GAA of 10.48. The Stealth made him their starter in 2010, where he helped get them to the Champions Cup. Richards also has a playoff record of 4-1, his loss coming in the 2009 loss in the Western Conference Championship to the Calgary Roughnecks.
#7 Ken Montour of the Buffalo BanditsMontour missed some of the 2010 season due to injury, but when in there he had a GAA under 11. Before that season, Montour has been the Bandits starting goaltender in 2009 and 2008. In 2009, Montour had a GAA of 9.57.
#6 Matt Disher of the Edmonton RushDisher was drafted in 1999 by the Buffalo Bandits and became their backup goaltender. In his first four seasons, his lowest GAA was 14.00. After being traded to Anaheim and then Minnesota, Disher turned his game around, excusing the 17 GAA in 2007. In his move to Edmonton, he had a career low in GAA and then Portland and Edmonton again. He helped Edmonton get to the Western Conference finals last season.
#5 Brandon Miller of the Philadelphia WingsMiller began his career in Albany/San Jose backing up Rob Blasdell and Anthony Cosmo. He was later traded to Chicago where he became the starting goaltender. Miller was successful in San Jose before moving to Chicago, with GAAs of 12.06, 10.46, and 11.45. After being traded to Philadelphia, Miller's success returned, though the Wings missed the playoffs.
#4 Bob Watson of the Toronto Rock
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#3 Pat O'toole of the Rochester Knighthawks
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#2 Anthony Cosmo of the Boston Blazers
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#1 Matt Vinc of the Rochester Knighthawks
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