Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NLL Experiments This Pre-season

If you watched the pre-season game between Colorado and Toronto, you may have noticed something different. The National Lacrosse League will use orange lacrosse balls over the course of the pre-season for experimental reasons. The orange ball experiment was issued by the NLL Competition Committee. The experiment reason is that the orange balls may help fans follow the action better than the traditional white balls. “The Competition Committee is always exploring new ways to improve the game for the fans and the players”, said Brian Lemon, NLL Vice President of Operations. “We are experimenting with the orange lacrosse ball to find out if it’s easier for our fans to see and follow than the white ball. We’ll also monitor how the players adapt to it as well"
The NLL is also testing out another potential rule change. The league has also scaled back where players’ sticks will be positioned during face-offs. The reasoning there was to increase play speed coming out of the face-off. During all preseason face offs, the referees require the two opposing players in the face off circle to begin in a set position with the heads of their sticks eight inches apart. This would presumably help the flow of the game with more fast break opportunities.

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